And so the adventure begins…



9 months of planning.  Long nights of practices and dress rehearsals.  Hours of baking cupcakes.  Countless hours planning where we can practice.  Cables gone bad.  Broken electric guitar 30 minutes before our first live show.


Incredible concert.


God showed up.  God showed up BIG time.  God make a big deal out of that night for His Glory.


All of the hard work that was put into our first live show paid off.


Saturday, February 23rd was The Restless first live show.  We had one shot.  For months, for nine exciting and prayerful months, the band met twice a week either at Stephen’s house or in a church classroom to figure out our vision for the band and the set list for our first show.


For myself, I have for many years now, seen the great need in the Catholic Church as a whole to use modern Christian music to reach our generation.  Music is powerful.  It has the power to change lives, to reach into the depths of who we are and transform hearts to the love of Christ.  For a few years now, the big question on my heart was, “Where was I being called?”  The question has been answered.  The Restless.


There was a controlled sense of chaos a half an hour before we were to hit the stage.  Sound check was going pretty well and then all of a sudden there was crunching in my in-ear monitors.  ”What in the world?”  Mikel, our bassist, pointed out that somewhere on stage, somewhere in the 40+ cables on stage was a bad cable.  Now came the point of finding that one rebel cable.  Mikel found it.  Problem averted.  Sound check continued.  Val’s guitar can no longer be heard.  ”Uh, Nik, I’m not coming through the system.”  Two minutes later, “Your tuner which mutes you in the system is on.”  (Thanks, Nik)  Problem solved.  Sound check is wrapping up.  Isaac’s electric guitar breaks.  ”Anyone have an extra electric guitar?”  Yes, Isaac has brought his extra.  In a quick game of pass the parcel, Isaac gave his extra guitar to Stephen and Stephen gave his electric guitar to Isaac.  *whew*.  We were ready to go.


Went on stage.  Rocked out.  Left stage.


Saturday night went beyond anything any of the band members could have ever imagined.  Sure, there were about 180 people there which was about 3 times the number of people we were expecting at our first concert but that’s not what stood out to all of us.  Our final song “Your Grace Is Enough” came to a close and we all headed off stage.  ”Did that really just happen?” was the question that was quickly spreading through the back room.  Our band had played better than we had ever played together and God showed up.  HE was glorified that night.  HE was magnified.  HE was praised.  The joy within our band and in St. Mark’s that night was incredible and a night none of us will soon forget.  God has amazing things in store for The Restless and we will go wherever He sends us.


“I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”  ~John 10:10

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